Mark Comito

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Managing Principal


Mark Comito is an experienced Workplace and Employment Lawyer and Managing Principal of STAL Employment Lawyers. Since 2001 he has acted for many clients across a range of sectors in employment and workplace disputes.

Before commencing STAL Employment Lawyers, Mark was a partner in a plaintiff law firm. Since that time, he has built up a considerable law practice acting for both employees and employer clients. For Mark, no case is too difficult to resolve and his passion to achieve results and outcomes for his clients is what drives him.

Mark has over 20 years of employment law experience and is a Law Institute Accredited Specialist in his field. Unlike some firms who will only act for employees or employers, Mark has the view that acting for individuals or businesses where the case permits, gives his clients an advantage over other firms because of his practical experience in different settings.

Amongst his achievements, Mark has:

  • Obtained significant compensation for underpaid, dismissed or discriminated employees;
  • Fought against unfair treatment in the workplace including unfair workplace investigations, unfair allegations or processes;
  • Appeared in both Fair Work Commission and Court matters as an advocate and representative for his clients;
  • Defended the rights of individuals against unfair corporate practices and accusations (such as breach of contract);
  • Pursued and defended claims for breach of contract or employment laws;
  • Provided strategic advice for both employees and employers during disputes and litigation.
  • Assisted in workplace investigations.
  • Represented Health Practitioners at AHPRA.

Mark has a commercial law background and understands complexities affecting businesses. He has worked in an accounting firm which has allowed him to effectively represent both employees and employers in prolonged disputes. Mark has acted for high profile individuals, often negotiating out of Court settlements.

Whilst Mark had practised in a number of areas during his career including crime, family, Wills and Probate and Estate litigation, and Commercial litigation, his passion has always been and is in Employment/Workplace relations law and he now spends all of his time seeking to achieve the best outcomes for his clients in this area.

Mark now leads a team of dedicated professionals who are ready to assist their client’s best interests.


Mark, together with STAL, are consistently awarded by Doyle’s Guide as a Leading Employee (Union) Employment Lawyer /Firm since 2018. He has also undertaken work for not for profit organisations and takes the fight on if he believes an injustice is occurring. With his team he will stand up with his clients in their case.

He has also presented seminars to his profession and is regularly engaged to consult businesses in relation to a range of Workplace Relations matters. He prides himself on being available to assist in a prompt and effective matter. In his private time, he enjoys coaching young kids in pursuit of their ‘Football (soccer)” dreams.